About Us

A back story about How Groundhouse Sheppey came about.

My Grandfather was a bee farmer, Mr William Flynn Know as “Bill” Met my grandmother Iris they started their married life in a small cottage in Longfield just up the drive from Nan’s Dad Gad, they both had Children from previous families and bought those families together in a magical way. Grandad used the shed at the bottom of the garden to keep most of his bee equipment. When Great grandfather Gad passed away, they moved into his almost derelict house, “The Moorings” and grandad expanded his bee business rapidly, he was always experimenting , up at the crack of dawn to sort his bees and out until dusk messing around in his pre-fab that I always see as a kind of lab, Nan was his back bone and took care of all the rules and finances, as well as being an amazing cook and home maker.

When I was a child grandad discovered the importance of Propolis another product that the bees make, up to this point it had been thrown away, lots of research was done and it was discovered that this by product that the bees used to clean, glue stuff together or even mummify intruders actually proved to have health benefits. Grandad and Nan worked together to find a company in Denmark who cleaned and put the propolis into capsule form so that it met the health standards to be sold in the UK. The Farm press did a piece in their magazine and a lot of interest was sparked and people wanted to try this alternative health product making bold claims that is was helping them with various conditions such as Arthritis.

Success was so that after my parents bought us to live here by the sea on Sheppey, Grandad and Nan helped Dad to get his tool shop off of the ground. C D Supplies in Bluetown ( I still run that now). Nan and Gramps fell in love with Sheppey and with their money they bought Double jay farm. They ran a successful business from there: “Flynns bee farms” and the grounds that Groundhouse Sheppey is on was once part of that farm estate.

Being the only 2 acres of land that was left from all that history I knew something special had to happen here, hence the birth of Groundhouse Leisure a way to share this magical spot with other people apart from just our families. If you want to find out more about building your own self build call Heidi : ‭07592 599411‬ or email: heidi@groundhouseleisure.co.uk

We hope to help many people have a lovely experience here this summer and beyond, The “Philis” Our mobile home is well equipped and can provide a comfortable stay for up to a family of 4.

This year we have done something exciting and bold, we set out to buy a couple of Shepherd huts and ended up purchasing 2 Ready made hobbit house pods. “Honey” and “The Hive” both can accommodate a family of four. The hive is bigger and slightly better kitted out. While the project is under construction, we aim to start to take bookings for May. We are in the process of purchasing wood fired hot tubs and hope to provide a unique experience for our guests.

Why stay here? Between 2 National bird reserves and not far from the shore line in any direction, the Isle of Sheppey has its own wonders and is steeped in history, we boast a blue flag beach in Minster, Minster abbey full of history makes a cute visit, and with the bars, restaurants, sea front and creek Queenborough is also worth a visit . The location of Sheppey is also very central to explore many other places of international interest. 45 Minutes from London in one direction and the same towards Whitstable and its famous Oysters, and to top it all the world famous Leeds castle is just 30 minutes away!